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Locksmith Products

Access control is the primary function of security systems, and thus the root of any great system is the lock type and brand selection. Maxx Locksmith & Security has expertise installing a number of lock systems. Let us help you determine which lock products will provide the maximum protection f [...]

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems are vital when it comes to protecting people and possessions, whether at home or at your place of business. Whether you are considering installing a single or multi-unit intercom security system, it pays to work with a company that has the expertise and experience needed to successf [...]

Camera Systems

Surveillance camera systems utilize closed-circuit television (CCTV) or IP technology to protect your home or business. Strategically placed video cameras transmit signals to monitors in a specified location. Maxx Security offers equipment for both types of technology, ranging from standard cameras [...]

Access Control Products

There are a many choices to consider if you are interested in installing a keyless access system. Keyless entry works with electronic locks, which can be activated in a number of ways. As needed, these various methods of keyless entry can be combined into a unified keyless access system. Take a look [...]

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as a network of physical objects that contain electronics, software, and sensors. For Maxx Security, the IoT is the collection of devices that make up your security system. We provide services that monitor all of your IoT devices as well as the information the [...]

Master Key Systems

To provide various levels of access to areas of your building, a master key system and cylinder lock solution is for you. The cylinder at the top of the key lock allows you to configure each lock to work with a specific key design. A master key is capable of opening and closing every lock in its res [...]

Iron Work

Iron gates provide safety with elegance for the exterior of your home or business. Intruders are unable to easily break down iron gates as they could with doors made of softer materials. Be sure to secure your gate with the proper lock designed specifically for this application, please ask one Maxx [...]

Structured Data and Telecom Wiring

Maxx Locksmith & Security will help you set up structured data for your security system. This will allow you to extract information from the system, such as when doors are accessed. For commercial buildings and apartment buildings with keyless access, you could also report on who is coming and going [...]

Dead Bolts

Dead Bolt locks are commonly used as an added security feature for both residential and commercial doors. Maxx Locksmith offers many types of deadbolt locks, including Mortise Locks. This popular solution for pre-1940s homes is making a comeback for commercial buildings and residential homes. Dead b [...]

Keyless Locks

Keyless locks and entry systems utilize a variety of locks, which can be activated in various manners. Although keyless entry systems are primarily used for business environments, keyless locks are also available to consumers for residential use. Dead Bolt locks which do not require a key work with [...]

Commercial Locks

Although similar in many respects, commercial locks that are designed to fit your business, office or store often fill other needs than home locks, and are therefore different in terms of size and function. Keeping cash, valuables or important documents in a safe place, limiting employee access to s [...]

Exit Devices

Many commercial doors utilize exit devices, which is a vertical bar strike plate that is installed on the interior side of a door. The bar is pressed to release the lock, allowing the door to be pushed open. Exit devices ensure a safe and easy exit method in the case of an emergency. To learn more a [...]

Panic Bars

Panic bars include emergency exit devices. Panic bars may also have an alarm hook up, so that an alarm is triggered when the exit bar is pressed. Maxx Security carries the top brands to fit any commercial residential, or industrial application and lock system requirements. Panic exit equipment is ma [...]

Doors Closers

Commercial door closers automatically closed doors in buildings when they have been left open for a specified length of time. This is for security reasons, but also provides reduced energy costs and can help slow the spread of fire as well as extending the life of door hardware. To learn more about [...]

Mailbox Locks

Maxx Locksmith carries a wide variety of mailbox locks. Whether your mailbox is exposed daily to the elements, is a very old and hard to find lock or simply lost your key, we have the product you need. Why Choose Maxx Locksmith? Our commitment. We hold every interaction with every customer to the hi [...]

Mailman Key Keeper

Key keepers are a secure unit that allows the US Postal Service access a building in order to deliver the mail. The key keeper unit holds a front door key or is program to activate the door buzzer. Maxx Locksmith installs key keeper units for commercial and residential apartment buildings. Why Choos [...]

Desk and File Cabinet Locks

Safety of people and goods often commands keeping certain items behind locked doors. At home, it is recommended to keep medication, alcohol or chemicals in a cabinet equipped with a lock, while you will want to keep some items or documents at work out of the reach of thieves and curious eyes. Maxx L [...]


Maxx Locksmith has a large selection of safes to choose from for any of your security needs. Each safe has its individual qualities and our knowlegeable technicians can help you find the best safe suited for your situation. Some of the brands we carry include Gardall, AMSEC, American Security, and H [...]


Replacing a building door? Building a new home? There is a lot to consider when you select your doors. The complete line of Doors offered at Maxx Security will need every need you have, whether commercial or residential. Why Choose Maxx Locksmith? Our commitment. We hold every interaction with every [...]

Audio Intercom

Audio intercom systems allow you to talk to people in other areas of your home or building. These systems can be either indoor or outdoor sets, depending on how it will be used. The primary purpose of an outdoor audio intercom is to allow you to screen people at your door. Audio systems are often eq [...]