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Open the Parking Eagle app to find the nearest driveways and garages. Our driveways and garages have signs to denote the parking area. Use the app to book in advance or on the spot. Confirm your parking time & pay instantly Sign Up

Find EV Charger

The Parking Eagle app clearly highlights, where parking spaces that include an EV charger. Our growing home charging network aims to provide cover for all those hard-to-reach destinations. Our goal is to make sure you can drive your EV anywhere without fear of running out of battery. Sign Up

List Parking Space

Become part of our network. We’ll help you realise the benefits of renting out your driveway or garage and home charger. Our software will make sure you manage the availability of your space, keep track of bookings and make the most of your earnings potential. In turn you will be part of a community focused on creating a green and sustainable transport network. Sign Up

Install EV Charger

With our select group of partners, we will assist you in purchasing and setting up your EV charger. Our partners will help you manage the process where government grants are available and provide advice on the most suitable EV charger for your needs. Sign Up

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Download the app to find all parking spaces and EV chargers in your area or at your intended destination. Arrive with us, instantly book and pay for the parking and charging.

Rent out your parking space & charger

Download the app. Tell us a bit about your parking space or home charger. We’ll send you a welcome pack. And you are ready to start earning.

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Frequently asked questions

Sign up on the app in minutes. We will send you a code in the post to verify your address, and then you are ready to go.
7kw (32 amps), is recommended for future proofing.
Receive payments by direct to your bank or PayPal account.
All the providers we work with will manage the process to ensure you receive full benefit of grants available.
Our network is currently X parking spaces and Y chargers.
Send us the time stamped photograph using the app, we’ll apply the extra charges to the driver. Please refer to our dispute resolution process for further details.

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