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MeetMatch has the most thorough business matchmaking algorithm in the world. The algorithm goes in great depth to find out whether two people match. The patented artificial intelligence analyses the personal profile and the companies they work for. For each company, it analyses the available open data, like website, patent databases and social media, to understand very well what that company is working on and where it wants to evolve to. Many characteristics are evaluated. E.g. most other tools check for similarity between people. But, when you are very similar, you are probably a competitor, so not interesting to talk to. MeetMatch matches people a.o. for optimum complementarity. Matching people for optimum complementarity provides the highest chance for building win-win relationships. The results are amazing! If you want to understand this yourself, mail us, indicate a Benelux company of your choice, and we will give you the 7 optimal partners for that company. You’ll understand how this can boost regional business!


  • UX & Prototyping
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Style: Corporate

Budget: 700 $
Deadline: 3 weeks
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Phase 1 – Design

MeetMatch needed a restructured website to accompany changes in their business and their digital strategy. This change meant reorganizing the information on their existing website into a clean and corporate look. At the design stage I used the following tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Experience Design

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Phase 2 – Development

They needed a responsive website that is easy to update, maintain and publish news so we decided to work with wordpress. I designed and developed a fully-responsive, multi-media focused website that presents their information in a simple and an appealing way in order to be easy to use by their visitors.

In the development stage I used the following tools: WordPress and Atom code editor

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