Branding and identity deliverables:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Elements: Fonts, Colors and Other Graphical Images
  • Brand Style Guide: Standards and Guidelines

Your logo, icons, typography, colors and the words that you use together with the visual elements create the image of your business for your customer. Your brand identity should be visually meaningful, dynamic and give a lasting, positive impression. This image is what differentiates you from your competitors at a glance.

Before specializing in fast prototyping I’ve used to create visual identities while working for a design agency and I’ve continued to do this work while I got into freelancing.

I’ve worked along the years with multiple clients with a varieties of businesses. No matter if you are a start-up looking to attract funding for a new idea with a well designed presentation and identity; or an established business with an out-of-date image that needs a redesign so that it is more distinctive and represents better the quality of your product.

By nature, the process of developing and designing a brand identity is a collaborative one so we will need to work together on this. We will start with a short discussion to agree on what’s needed and what are the best steps going forward, gather the info necessary to create the identity and build the agreed deliverables. As I design the logo and other visual elements, it’s good if you have the ability to leave me feedback along the way to be sure that I am accurately capturing your vision for your brand. Based on your feedback I will fine-tune the visuals elements as we go, this iterative way of working ensures everything is on time and on buget.

You can see an example of a visual identity and branding manual I’ve created here