Digital product design

1.300 $ 980 $

I create wireframes, high-fidelity mockups and prototypes using Figma or Sketch and Invision to improve the appeal and efficiency of small web and mobile apps.

This action will let you pay a deposit of 245 $ for this product


We start by setting the objectives than develop the design, content and information architecture (IA). At the research stage, I explore what your competition do well and try to come up with something at least as good

New Features and A/B testing

You will receive support troughjira ticketingbut also phone, chat and even screen sharing.

Tips and reports to help you manage and optimize your conversions trough analytics and A/B testing.

Wireframe and Design

Wireframes are the best way to visualize data quickly and efficiently. They allow effective communication and testing of workflows, navigation and structure. At design stage you will have unlimited revision.

Delivering the design

I will provide the design as an interactive prototype or implement the changes myself by making a copy of your website to make sure everything works well before replacing the old version.

Let’s create an awesome website for your business

This action will let you pay a deposit of 245 $ for this product