User Experience Design

Using Sketch and Invision I create custom ui/ux designs, presented as interactive prototypes. This helps to visualize how the app or website will work, makes it easy to test ideas and do fast changes reducing drastically the time spent on development. 

The process of crafting the user experience for your website or mobile app includes: 


We start by setting the goals and objectives for developing the strategy, design, content and information architecture (IA). At the research stage, I help you discover eventual knowledge gaps and align your assumptions with user expectations


By making quick wireframes first we make sure information is presented in the right way, in the right place and at the right time. Wireframing is the best way to visualize data quickly and efficiently. It enables effective communication and allows for early testing of workflows, navigation and overall structure.

Look and feel design

The visual appeal of your product has an extensive impact on users. One of the primary purposes is to add context to the user’s behavior and to provide them with a story while making sure your brand is recognizable.

Interactive Prototype

These prototypes give you an overview of how the app/website will function and often find out problems you would never have thought of previously. By taking the time to create them the development take considerably less time thus reducing the costs.

Great applications are defined by a great user experience

I take UX seriously, combining the latest design trends with data-driven research to create user flow. This approach produces applications that are not only attractive, but functional, intuitive for the end-user makeing sure the end goal is achieved.

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Looking for a developer with keen eye for design

5.00 Mar 2018

Nick did a wonderful job with my project. He was professional and respected the deadlines. The communication was super easy. Highly recommended!

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Optimization for Conversions and Design Consistency

He took a very complicated website project and did great, going above and beyond to meet our needs. Nick was understanding and compromising throughout the project.

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I need a web designer/developer to improve/update my website

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